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WSC water purification technology scales cost-effectively from small personal devices to systems that supply the needs of hundreds of people in a community. WSC's bacteria and virus killing technology is robust and easy to deploy, resulting in effective and reliable use in under-developed and non-professional environments for both in-home and outdoor installations. Therefore, it is well suited for a wide range of products and applications in Point-of-Use and Point-of-Entry water purification systems.

Product Range

The following product images are intended as examples of possible product applications using Water Security’s technology for cleansing drinking water of harmful pathogens. A few of the images are in fact commercially available products and are discussed elsewhere in this website. Other images, however, are intended to encourage manufacturers to consider a large variety of product possibilities that may profitably serve the wide ranging needs for having pathogen-free purified drinking water available for the consumers’ specific use needs.

Another creative application is one implemented by a WSC OEM customer, DentaPure, who uses our MCV® for a water line antimicrobial cleanser in the appliance commonly used at the dentist's chair for patients' mouth rinsing  during procedures.

Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes, a WSC licensee, is selling low cost home products in India. Their AquaSure storage purifier product is using WSC technology that produces pathogen safe, delicious purified water from the local water supply. Click for product information

Village Systems

In Mexico, over 800 WSC built Discovery systems have been installed and have proven to reliably and simply, deliver healthful water to hundreds of rural communities using their bacteria and virus laden water sources.

WSC's R&D and business model have opened the doors for global corporations to profitably serve the desperate need for safe drinking water throughout the world with affordable, reliable and simple to use water purification products.  Click for product PDF

Discovery Sistema purificado de aqua (PDF en espanol)

Discovery Sistema, Um purificador de água para vilarejos rurais (PDF em Português)


Survival Bag

Word Wide Water Company has delivered thousands of their Survival Bag to many regions of the world for disaster relief and disaster preparedness situations.  Click for product PDF

Filling Station

In Pakistan, Water Security Company Pvt. Ltd., has developed the commercially available “Filling Station” as street-side vending machine of safe, purified water.  Contact information

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