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Founded in 2005, Water Security Corporation (WSC) provides Water Purifying Technology that kills disease causing germs and provides affordable and healthful drinking water at the point-of-use: homes, medical centers, schools, offices, and rural villages. WSC licenses its purification technology to companies that manufacture and market consumer water purification products, portable water purifiers, and other point-of-use and point-of-entry water purification products. Additionally, WSC manufactures and sells rural village water purification systems via regional distributors.

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Safe and Reliable

WSC’s innovative purification technology is safe and reliable for consumer’s use in the home, and it is ecologically-friendly. It is simple and reliable to use in point-of-use systems, because it does not require electricity, high pressure or piped water. WSC has R&D expertise in chemistry, microbiology, and filtration design for pathogen removal in POU (point-of–use) and POE (point-of-entry) water purification systems. Our R&D continues to advance cost and performance improvements, as well as, expands the application uses of our technology.

Proven Technology

Currently our purification technology is deployed in low cost consumer home products, rural village systems, and in disaster relief water purification products. Water Security Corporation licenses its water purification technology and proprietary know-how to consumer product manufacturers who can profitably market home water purification products to the hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Additionally, WSC has designed and delivered hundreds of rural village systems. NASA has used the iodinated resin technology for nearly 30 years on the Space Shuttle and Space Station because it is safe, reliable and effective. WSC technology is space certified and our partners may use the ‘space certified logo’ in their merchandising of WSC technology based products.

Social Responsibility

WSC values being an ethical company with a social conscience, and strives to be recognized for its integrity, loyalty to stakeholders, and commitment to improving society through profitably providing solutions to quality of life problems. We continue to advance our scientific research for effective and efficient removal of pathogens from drinking water while working in creative partnerships with global companies to profitably design and deliver highly affordable and safe consumer water purification products. In addition to providing affordable, healthful drinking water, our technology offers the ecologically green benefit of dramatically reducing the number of plastic bottles going to land fills. One low cost consumer purifier can provide the equivalent of 2000 to 6000 liters of bottled water depending on its design.

En Español

Water Security Corporación proporciona la tecnología que limpia el agua de las bacterias y los virus para los millones de personas que no tienen agua potable. Fundada en 2005, Water Security Corporación (WSC) proporciona la tecnología de purificación de agua que mata a los gérmenes que causan la enfermedad y provee de agua potable saludable y asequible en el punto de uso: viviendas, centros médicos, escuelas, oficinas, y las aldeas rurales. WSC otorga licencias de su tecnología de purificación a las empresas que fabrican y comercializan productos de consumo de purificación de agua, purificadores de agua portátiles, y otros puntos de uso y de entrada de purificación de agua productos de punto. Además, la WSC fabrica y vende sistemas de aldea rural de purificación de agua a través de distribuidores regionales. mas...

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