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Distribute Our Products

Village, Schools, & Medical Centers:

WSC seeks value-added resellers and distributors that have an experienced sales and marketing organization with established success in doing business with governmental agencies and organizations that fund and make purchasing decisions for POU and POE water purification systems.  Our Discovery village systems have been proven successful with over 800 systems installed in remote village locations and at rural schools and medical centers.

Emergency Relief Products:

We can offer our distributors an option to distribute Emergency Relief water purification systems using the WSC purification technology and manufactured by our licensed partners.

A Successful Distributor:

It is important that our distributors have established contacts with the target customers and are properly resourced to do appropriate local marketing and aggressively sell the Water Security Corporation Discovery systems.

Our successful distributors will have organizational capabilities to install and possibly maintain, if required by the customer, the Water Security Corporation's Discovery village systems.  In general, installation and maintenance of our Discovery village system requires relatively minimal expertise.  We will supply the necessary training to accomplish this task.

Additionally, a successful WSC product distributor will be a valued corporate partner who will work cooperatively in providing important market requirements for our ongoing product development.

WSC technology is protected by multiple patents and our R&D continues to advance our proprietary technology portfolio.

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