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License Our Technology

We license our patented technology and know-how for effectively deploying the Water Security Corporation's iodine based water purification technology and efficient filter design techniques.  Our technology cleanses drinking water of disease causing bacteria and viruses.  Cysts are removed via standard methods.

WSC engages with corporate partner's who have established infrastructures for sales and marketing in their target markets and have leading brand recognition suitable for marketing consumer water purification products.  We can assist our partners in optimizing their product designs, or in obtaining product design and supply partnerships.  WSC technology is protected by multiple patents and our R&D continues to advance our proprietary technology portfolio.

Consumer Products:

For consumer water purification products, it is essential to market under brand names that are well known in your market. WSC licenses our proprietary disinfection technology, filter design and know-how for developing consumer water purification products optimized for cost and efficacy.

Product Developers and Manufacturers:

A wide range of water purification products are possible, which can leverage the WSC disinfection technology.  We are interested to license the WSC technology to innovative developers who are sufficiently resourced to create and productize systems that can satisfy newly identified needs and applications.  Products may serve the personal or mobile product category, emergency relief category, kitchen appliance category, medical water supply equipment, and many more Applications.

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