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Space Certified Technology

Water Security Corporation is a partner in the Space Foundation's Space Certification Program and has commercialized MCV®, a water disinfection technology originally developed for the NASA space program. MCV® has been inducted in the Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2007, and is the only Space Certified water purification technology used by NASA.  WSC owns sole rights to this NASA technology for water purification, and with extensive R&D, has enhanced and productized it for affordable and easy to use home water purification products and village Point-of-Use systems.

The Space Foundation was founded in 1983 to foster, develop and promote, among the citizens of the United States of America and among other people of the world ... a greater understanding and awareness ... of the practical and theoretical utilization of space ... for the benefit of civilization and the fostering of a peaceful and prosperous world.

The Space Foundation has become one of the world's premier non-profit organizations supporting space activities, space professionals, education and the business that has emerged from space industries.

Hall of Fame Medal

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