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The Need

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For much of the world a clear glass of drinking water from the home faucet cannot be trusted. The reliable delivery of pathogen-free, healthful water to the general public around the globe, has proven to be an unachievable goal. Certainly, well over 2 billion people worldwide cannot drink the water from their tap without the risk of getting a harmful or life threatening disease. Two major trends are driving the need for commercially viable systems to purify drinking water at the point-of-use (POU):  home, school, medical center, office, etc. 1.) The costs to construct a reliable, municipal delivery system for safe water in developing countries can be prohibitive. 2.) Additionally, it is proving to not be possible to fully maintain the networks of plumbing across the world lying under cities such as Mexico City, Mumbai, Moscow, Istanbul, Cairo, Shanghai, etc.; and, the arteries of pipes are deteriorating, which allows centrally treated water to be re-contaminated with pathogens before it arrives at faucets in homes, hospitals, schools, and offices.

In many parts of the world it is not feasible to install central water treatment plants with distribution pipes to all homes.  Much like the cell phone, which provides necessary communication access to many millions of people who did not have home access to traditional ‘wired’ telephone company services, low cost POU water purifier products will deliver much needed safe drinking water to homes where it is not feasible to install and maintain huge municipal delivery systems.

In recent years the use of bottled water has grown rapidly, and with it the environmental problem grows for dealing with the disposal of the millions of plastic bottles. As an example, Mexico has the highest per capita consumption of bottled water in the world because of real concerns that tap water is not safe to drink. A single, low cost kitchen counter top water purifier, using Water Security Corporation’s purification technology, can provide water for much less cost than bottled water and eliminate millions of plastic bottles from polluting the environment.

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Durante gran parte del mundo la entrega confiable de libre de patógenos, el agua saludable para el público en general ha demostrado ser una meta inalcanzable. Sin duda más de 2 millones de personas en todo el mundo no puede beber el agua de su grifo, sin el riesgo de contraer una enfermedad grave o perjudicial.

En muchas partes del mundo central, o incluso local, purificación de las instalaciones de agua no existen, y, no es posible la instalación de centrales plantas de tratamiento de agua con tuberías de distribución a todos los hogares. Esta triste realidad está impulsando la necesidad de sistemas viables comercialmente para purificar el agua potable en el Punto-de-Uso (POU): pueblo, casa, escuela, centro médico, etc.  En los últimos años, el uso del agua embotellada ha crecido rápidamente, y con que el problema ambiental que crece para hacer frente a la eliminación de un número abrumador de botellas de plástico. Un único sistema de detección puede abastecer de agua a un costo mucho menor que el agua embotellada y eliminar a millones de botellas de plástico de la contaminación del medio ambiente.


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